Spine Saver Lumbar Roll - Chiropractic Back Support Pillow

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Rating 4.8 based on 120 reviews

Rating of 4.8 based on 120 reviews

Australian Made


'Spine Saver' Lumbar Roll Chiropractic Back Support Cushion in 5 Shapes. A conveniently sized portable lumbar back support cushion for the treatment and prevention of lower back pain.

Five spine saving shapes are available in Traditional Foam, or Memory Foam (D shape Only). This simple yet effective product compensates for one's natural tendency to slouch when seated by filling in the hollow in the back and in turn supporting the lumbar curve. It features loops at each end for affixing if required.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our Spine Saver Lumbar Roll is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

Choose the right lumbar support shape to fit your body

The different configurations allow you to select the size and shape for maximum comfort and support to suit your own physical requirements and the chair, couch or car seat it is used on.

Which shape is best for you?

Demi-D - Traditional Foam: The smallest of the lumber rolls, designed for those that want a less pronounced lumbar support. If you have never used a lumber roll previously this model is a good starting point. Typically suits smaller body frames.

Oval - Traditional Foam: Very similar in size to the Demi-D shape Lumbar Roll, but with its curved shape it will be slightly more pronounced in its support without feeling too rigid. Good for smaller body frames. Typically suits smaller to medium body frames.

D - Memory Foam: A full size lumbar roll but being memory foam it will mould to the shape of your back giving a full but less intrusive support. Suits medium body frames.

D - Traditional Foam: Most popular size. Gives good support and a noticeable postural benefit. If unsure this is the general go to product. Suited to medium and large body frames.

Round - Traditional Foam: Slightly more invasive than the D shaped Traditional Foam Lumbar Roll. This support is of most benefit when being used on couches, armchairs or chairs with padding. Typically suited to larger body frames.

Egg - Traditional Foam: A very noticeable support for largest body frames and those wanting a very firm and rigid support through their lower back. Typically suited to the largest of body frames.

5 unique shaped designs to support any shape of spine 

D shape, Demi-D, Round, Oval and Egg shapes available. The different shapes and foam densities allow you to select the size and shape for maximum comfort and support for natural spinal alignment and improved posture.

Clinically designed to provide back support and reduce back pain. Our Spine Saver Chiropractic Lumbar Rolls have a removable cover for washing and elastic straps to hold it fixed in position. Its compact size means you can take it anywhere that you need support for your spine. 

Two versions for D Shape Lumbar Roll

  • Available in either Traditional Foam, or in Memory Foam.
  • Traditional Foam version: Medium to Firm support.
  • Memory Foam version: Soft (subtle) support.

Designed specifically for people with back pain, spinal pain, spine conditions and disability.

  •      - Provides chiropractic postural support for your lower back and also your neck if desired.
  •      - Helps relieve back pain.
  •      - Portable and lightweight, you can use it anywhere you sit.
  •      - Great for the car, at home or the office.
  •      - Compact and convenient.
  •      - Elastic strap secures the Spine Saver Lumbar Roll in the desired position on almost any chair you wish to use it on.
  •      - 5 unique shapes in 2 dynamic densities.

Available in Two cover options - Plush comfort Dura-Fab and Soft Water-Resistent Steri-Plus

Most products in the Thera-Med range offer cover options of the soft and durable fabric Dura-Fab, or the moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus, with a select range of our products available in cotton quilting.

Dura-Fab is a smooth stylish woven & washable polyester, while Steri-Plus has a smooth rubber-like special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.

Care Instructions

Foam Inner: Do not wash. Dab clean. Dry flat in warm location. If very wet gently squeeze. May take days to dry completely. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

Cover: Not designed for repeated washing. Hand wash, warm water, mild detergent. Do not chlorine bleach. Line dry. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our Pressure Diffusing Diffuser Cushion is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds throughout the country.



Demi D 14cm x 6cm x 31cm
D 14cm x 9cm x 31cm
Round 11cm x 30cm
Oval 17cm x 7cm x 35cm
Egg 13cm x 15cm x 34cm
Inner Material Premium quality Memory or Traditional Foam.
Dura-Fab Outer Cover Woven polyester. It is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric.
Country of Manufacture Australian Made



Feefo - Gold Trusted Service 2018

Independent reviews from our customers

Therapeutic Pillow Australia has won the Feefo Gold Service award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded only to those businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. As all reviews are verified as genuine, the accreditation is a true reflection of a business’ commitment to outstanding service.
Products are independently reviewed by our customers 20 days after they are delivered.

Spine Saver Lumbar Roll - Chiropractic Back Support Pillow

Rating 4.8 based on 120 reviews

4out of 5
11 Apr 2021
Service Rating : Good range of products at a competitive price. Easy selection and prompt delivery

Product : They support pillows provide the right amount of support to minimise back aches when sitting on couches and chairs.

4out of 5
09 Apr 2021
Service Rating : Service was fine.

Product : Unfortunately I didn't find the pillow comfortable. It was too firm on my back, so I haven't been able to use it.

5out of 5
06 Apr 2021
Service Rating : No problems - all good.

Product : Just as expected - very happy with product and service.

5out of 5
22 Feb 2021
Service Rating : Superb customer service, cannot tell you how happy I am with this product. Will tell everyone about your company

Product : This lumbar is amazing let me tell you. Bought it for my dad for his work truck and as soon as he placed it behind his back, a gush of joy and amazement filled the air. He was so satisfied and I could notice his posture was already better. Wouldn’t stop telling me how happy he was, that I ordered another one for him to use in the car. Thankyou so much!! Excellent product, superb service 5 star ?? in everything

5out of 5
20 Jan 2021
Service Rating : Yes I would defintely recommond the pillow and already have done so to a couple of firends. It fits perfectly in my lower back and it is soft but firm.

Product : Perfect for my back, firm but no hard.

5out of 5
06 Nov 2020
Service Rating : Great customer service as always. Easy online ordering and prompt courier delivery.

Product : Firm and supportive. Cover appears to be made from durable machine washable materIal (haven’t washed it yet) Fits my chair and gives me the required support. Made in Australia from local foam.

5out of 5
30 Oct 2020
Service Rating : Great lumbar support, i have 1 pillow at work and 1 at home. Highly recommend.

Product : Great lumbar support, i have 1 pillow at work and 1 at home on the lounge. It's a good size for a smaller built person. Highly recommend.

5out of 5
28 Mar 2020
Service Rating : The product is great, was delivered on time.

Product : The product is great and was delivered on time.

5out of 5
01 Mar 2020
Service Rating : It is a great product. It has reduced my back pain in the car a great deal. Service was great from the suppliers.

Product : Excellent!

5out of 5
06 Jan 2020
Service Rating : The purchase was without a problem and the pillow is as expected

Product : The pillow is as expected

5out of 5
20 Nov 2019
Service Rating : Very prompt response and deliver, could not be faulted

Product : .

5out of 5
06 Jun 2019
Service Rating : The product is absolutely well made which will endure usage over time. The website is extremely easy to use, read and interact with pleasing results every time. Nothing is left to chance. Lots of knowledge, know how and damn good common sense is the key to continuing success for Therapeutic Pillow! Great job guys!

Product : Since opening this gem, it has been providing superior support to my lower back while sitting 3 plus hours each day! Others I have tried failed in every respect. None compares. Again, well done. Thank you for your outstanding professionalism and know how in the product made by your company.

5out of 5
14 May 2019
Service Rating : Pillow arrived quickly.

Product : It is great. In should have bought a bigger one for the car. But regardless, it offers good support and will be the perfect size to take traveling. My back will appreciate it on the plane!

4out of 5
09 Apr 2019
Service Rating : I would recommend them and I will buy from them again.

Product : The Support pillow is perfect for use at work as it is easy to adjust to your back and the pain area.

5out of 5
11 Mar 2019
Service Rating : So dependable and quick!

Good to know I can get a replacement every time I leave my cushion on a bus or plane...

Product : Perfect portable product PPP

4out of 5
24 Jan 2019
Service Rating : yes

Product : fixed my problems with good support

5out of 5
15 Jan 2019
Service Rating : love my pillow

Product : my back loves this pillow

5out of 5
21 Nov 2018
Service Rating : Very happy with the product and the fast delivery service. Thank you very much!

Product : Very happy with everything!

4out of 5
13 Nov 2018
Service Rating : Works well.

Product : Arrived on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5out of 5
22 Oct 2018
Service Rating : Quick delivery and I was informed of the delivery stage regularly.

Product : I purchased five of the lumber supports for staff in our office to minimise back problems and maintain good posture. Everyone is very happy with the result.

5out of 5
21 Oct 2018
Service Rating : Very fast delivery

Product : Good back support I can happily sit all day with spine saver lumbar support and demo d.

5out of 5
20 Oct 2018
Service Rating : On time and as advertised.

Product : Works well. Wish it was a little harder though.

5out of 5
01 Oct 2018
Service Rating : Extremely fast service...awesome

Product : Great...this is the second one I have purchased, definitely does the trick.

5out of 5
24 Sep 2018
Service Rating : Great support for my painful back while travelling in the car. Excellent service with product arriving quickly.

Product : Support provided on my spine whike travelling rrally minimised my pain.

5out of 5
23 Jun 2018
Service Rating : service was quick and staff friendly. easy to work through pillow needed for right purpose.

Product : lumbar roll exactly what was needed, wished i bought one earlier

5out of 5
22 Jun 2018
Service Rating : Great product and fast delivery

Product : Fast delivery. .

5out of 5
04 Jun 2018
Service Rating : Super fast delivery and great quality product!

Product : Perfect firmness for what I needed! Lovely pattern and great quality!

5out of 5
31 May 2018
Service Rating : Fast delivery. Good product.

Product : Fast delivery. Good product.

5out of 5
05 May 2018
Service Rating : was delivered very quickly

Product : I had previously had a D shaped lumbar roll and it was great, I think I chose the wrong one this time - I should have chosen foam not memory foam. don't like it all - but too expensive to rush out and get another one.

5out of 5
04 Mar 2018
Service Rating : Recommend

Product : Good lumbar support for back while driving

5out of 5
03 Feb 2018
Service Rating : My order arrived within a few days. Very pleased with the ease of ordering and speed of delivery.

Product : I ordered the demi-D because I wanted a more compact cushion for travelling. I went overseas soon after it arrived and it did just what I’d wanted. My old standard-size pillow sometimes felt too big and uncomfortable in certain plane seats but the semi-D was the right size and very comfortable. It also didn’t take up too much room in my hand luggage. Now I’m home I’m using it in the car.

5out of 5
11 Dec 2017
Service Rating : Fast delivery sure was appreciated as my back was crying out for this!

Product : Made me sit in correct position while sitting at work processing on computer all day and helped enormously with pain management. My physio noticed the improvement between visits.

4out of 5
11 Dec 2017
Service Rating : They sent the item I ordered and it arrived ok

Product : see above see above see above

5out of 5
10 Dec 2017
Service Rating : My pillow arrived quickly. I was very happy with it as I needed something to support my lumbar region whilst driving. It is doing a good job. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs mild support.

Product : Excellent service. Very happy with the support it gives me whilst driving.

5out of 5
22 Sep 2017
Service Rating : Excellent quality. Better than advertised.

Product : Excellent quality. Soft touch. Great lumbar support

5out of 5
19 Sep 2017
Service Rating : The website was easy to navigate and the support pillows were exactly as described. It only took a couple of days after ordering for the pillows to arrive.

Product : The Back Support Pillow is perfect to use in the car to support my back whilst driving. It was exactly as described on the website and exactly what I needed!

5out of 5
18 Sep 2017
Service Rating : Purchased good on line. Didn't actually speak to anyone in person.
Took advantage of free post offer for fathers day and bought extra pillows to give away. Spreading the benefits.

Product : Find this pillow relieves back ache.

4out of 5
10 Sep 2017
Service Rating : Mailed out quickly, the description of the product matched the product

Product : It felt good, plan to use it on plane travel

5out of 5
26 Jul 2017
Service Rating : The pillow was easy to order online, processed & sent the same day & arrived sooner than I expected.
The pillow is perfect for my office chair & is exactly as discribed on the website.

Product : Good quality pillow which does exactly as described on the website

5out of 5
23 Jul 2017
Service Rating : Great service.

Product : Quality item as described.

5out of 5
20 Jul 2017
Service Rating : Prompt and accurate. Website easy to use and clear description of products. No hassle.

Product : Just what I needed.
Discomfort relieved.

5out of 5
13 Jun 2017
Service Rating : Hassle free and product was received promptly.

Product : Hassle free and product was received promptly.

5out of 5
25 May 2017
Service Rating : The pillows gave me great relief & support

Yes I would buy them again and recommend them to my friends

Product : The same as the lumbar pillow
great support

5out of 5
22 May 2017
Service Rating : Yes. they were very quick in delivering the pillow I requested.

Product : it works very well. I like the velcro strap. My only criticism is that it could be a little longer.

5out of 5
15 May 2017
Service Rating : Delivery was prompt and the ******** device has made some improvement in my back. I need more time to see whether the improvement continues.

Product : Helps maintain good posture and my back.

4out of 5
11 Apr 2017
Service Rating : The service is great, I asked a question and received a response quick smart.

Product : Back pillow is good but not firm enough

5out of 5
21 Feb 2017
Service Rating : Website ok to navigate. Postage prompt

Product : Elastic not long enough to go around seat back of Mazda 3. Needs to be adjustable.

5out of 5
18 Feb 2017
Service Rating : Quick delivery and products as stated

Product : Well made and density of foam offers great support

4out of 5
03 Jan 2017
great delivered quickly

4out of 5
08 Dec 2016
Service Rating : Good communication, had issues with delivery. Was home all day, checked aus post ebsite advised there was attempted delivery which was not the case. There wasn't a note left by courier. So had to make time to go to the post office to pick it up

Product : Well made and comfy

5out of 5
01 Nov 2016
Service Rating : .good

Product : .

4out of 5
12 Oct 2016
Service Rating : Very efficient.

Product : Very comfy. Can feel the improvement.

5out of 5
20 Sep 2016
Service Rating : went out of the way to help me

Product : Fabulous pillow i have 3

5out of 5
29 Aug 2016
Service Rating : Very fast delivery

Product : Excellent pillow

5out of 5
23 Aug 2016
Quick and efficient

5out of 5
19 Aug 2016
Service Rating : Very quick and prompt delivery.

Product : I changed it to the smaller size d shape roll and it was great.

5out of 5
29 Jul 2016
Service Rating : Very helpful on the phone

Product : So far so good. Hopefully it holds its form in the longer term

5out of 5
26 Jul 2016
Service Rating : Delivery time was longer than i though it would take from over east to perth.

Product : Find with the office chair i have that the pillow slips down & have to adjust often back to desired position throughout the day

5out of 5
20 Jul 2016
Service Rating : Very quick delivery

Product : Very good quality

5out of 5
14 Jul 2016
Service Rating : Very fast and efficient. Will definitely be reordering again for our business

Product : Feedback from employees has been positive and has resolved their comfort seating situation in the workplace.

5out of 5
07 Jul 2016
Service Rating : Helpful support

Product : It's fine - I might need a bigger one but this one is fine.

5out of 5
21 Jun 2016
Service Rating : Thank you

Product : Thank you

5out of 5
17 Jun 2016
Service Rating : Fantastic support

Product : I don't know how I did without my Lumbar Roll!

5out of 5
15 Jun 2016
Service Rating : Very happy thank you

Product : Very happy thank you

5out of 5
13 Jun 2016
My purchase was received very quickly and exactly as ordered.

5out of 5
01 Jun 2016
Service Rating : The pillow is a good shape.

However two things.

1 The elastic is too short for the seats of the two cars we have and made the pillow sit awkwardly on/in the seat. My advice is to take the elastic off.
2 The covering material of the cushion/pillow could be looked at because on two occasions the pillow has stuck to my back when I have got out of the car. I think there was an electro static attraction between the back of my jacket and the pillow.


Product : Shape and size

5out of 5
23 May 2016
Despite my order being undelivered initially by the courier company, Therapeutic Pillow Australia was excellent at sorting this out.

5out of 5
10 May 2016
Service Rating : Promptly delivered.

Product : Works well. Thanks

4out of 5
28 Apr 2016
Service Rating : Made a difference

Product : Decided not to use. Strap to go round back of seat too short

4out of 5
28 Apr 2016
Service Rating : Made a difference

Product : Decided not to use. Strap to go round back of seat too short

5out of 5
09 Apr 2016
Service Rating : The elastic band on the pillow is not adjustable and keeps falling, doesn't wrap the chair

Product : The elastic band on the pillow is not adjustable and keeps falling

5out of 5
15 Mar 2016
Service Rating : Very comfortable just needs a pillow protector because of pillow discoloration.

Product : I use it in the car, very comfortable.

5out of 5
25 Feb 2016
Service Rating : My order was processed very quickly and arrived much earlier that I expected considering there was a public holiday.

Product : The lumbar roll was recommended by my physiotherapist and is helping me recover from a bulging disc in my lower back.

4out of 5
20 Feb 2016
Service Rating : Good

Product : You should be able to adjust the tightness and could be firmer

5out of 5
28 Jan 2016
Service Rating : Great service and fast delivery, will defiantly be back in the future for more products

Product : Awesome pillow it has helped me so much, especially as my job involves driving all day.

4out of 5
12 Jan 2016
Service Rating : The whole order and delivery process is well sorted out. The products arrived in good time.

Product : It's a good fit.

5out of 5
10 Jan 2016
Service Rating : Prompt delivery and product as described

Product : Comfortable, nice cover - exactly what I needed.

5out of 5
08 Jan 2016
Service Rating : good service, fast shipping

Product : Must be great, my husband took it for the car and never returned it. It's bit too thick for me, will go with slimmer profile next time.

4out of 5
11 Dec 2015
Service Rating : Easy to use online and delivery was pretty prompt

Product : Really enjoying the lumbar supports I purchased. Only time will tell in terms of longevity of the product but as of right now they're spot on.

4out of 5
08 Dec 2015
Service Rating : Service prompt

Product : Product good but a little bit too thick for my uses.

5out of 5
16 Nov 2015
Service Rating : I ordered the pillow one day and it arrived the next, couldn't ask for more than that :)

Product : I wish i had of bought it earlier, it's the best my back has felt in a long time.

4out of 5
13 Oct 2015
No issues with online system. Great delivery time

4out of 5
06 Oct 2015
Service Rating : Prompt communication.
Item was sent via international post, but no tracking number was provided with Australia post. Considering the value of the pillow and the mandatory insurance charge, a tracking service would be expected.

Product : This is excellent for my needs

5out of 5
12 Sep 2015
Service Rating : The website was easy to use to order.

Product : The D shape lumbar cushion is great, exactly what I needed. Good quality product.

4out of 5
08 Sep 2015
Quick delivery and easy website to use.

5out of 5
20 Aug 2015
Service Rating : Delivered within a couple of days!

Product : Just the right size to put in the small of my back for lying on mat for meditation.

5out of 5
18 Aug 2015
Achieving objectives with it and much improved back.

5out of 5
09 Aug 2015
Service Rating : Good website, easy to order and goods were delivered in a few days

Product : I ordered this product for an employee

4out of 5
10 Jun 2015
I would've liked the elastic banding to be a little bigger as I'm using this as lumbar support in the car. Elastic banding needs to be longer so that it isn't as stretched

5out of 5
20 May 2015
Service Rating : Just excellent

Product : Just excellent

5out of 5
06 May 2015
Service Rating : Quick delivery and great service by the company

Product : It was just what one of our staff needed to support her back.

5out of 5
22 Apr 2015
Service Rating : wonderful

Product : used for an interstate road trip to avoid irritating a back injury. worked great

4out of 5
08 Apr 2015
I am finding that my back pain is decreasing with my Pillow, I love it!

5out of 5
01 Mar 2015
Service Rating : Smooth and very fast service and reasonable price

Product : Shape is just right for me for lumbar support. Good cover, well made product.

5out of 5
14 Feb 2015
Service Rating : Excellent service, prompt delivery.

Product : Really helps when sitting.

5out of 5
09 Feb 2015
Service Rating : Purchase arrived safely and quickly

Product : I use it every night instead of a pillow and my neck and shoulders appreciate the support. My husband's Chiropractor recommended it's use first and now my daughter and I use it too.

5out of 5
06 Jan 2015
Service Rating : Easy to order and arrived swiftly

Product : The design of the product was exactly what was desired so the product was perfect for our needs!

4out of 5
28 Dec 2014
Service Rating : good service

Product : Help me be more comfortable sitting and sleeping with this product

5out of 5
22 Dec 2014
Service Rating : Quick and efficient.

Product : The only issue we had was that it was about 1cm too thick for my wife's back. However a quick slice with an electric bread knife fixed that.

5out of 5
09 Dec 2014
Wonderfully quick delivery!

5out of 5
14 Nov 2014
Service Rating : **

Product : **

5out of 5
08 Sep 2014
Service Rating : Quick and precise.

Product : Wonderful product.

5out of 5
31 Aug 2014
Service Rating : Very quick and great communication throughout

Product : It is exactly what I hoped that it would be like - the only negative is that the back strap for attaching to the seat is far too small for a car seat (Mazda) and so I have to put it into place each time... still good though.

5out of 5
26 Aug 2014
Service Rating : Just what I was in need of.

Product : Just right.

5out of 5
26 Aug 2014
Fast delivery. Excellent service

5out of 5
30 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Arrived extremely quickly

Product : 2nd one I have had and it is great

5out of 5
23 Jul 2014
Service Rating : the product got delivered the day after i ordered it

Product : Easy to set in place on the chair. noticed a huge difference on the first day of use and it helps me correct my posture

5out of 5
22 Jul 2014
Service Rating : Easy to deal with. Fast delivery

Product : My back was feeling better from the very next day.

5out of 5
11 May 2014
Service Rating : Delivery was within 2 days! Terrific.

Product : I had bought one of these pillows for myself a couple of years ago. This one is for my daughter. She lives in the country and I will give it to her when I see her next. I'm hoping the product is just as good as mine is. I use mine EVERY night because I don't want to wake up with a problem and it works.

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
Service Rating : very quick delivery

Product : love this make my back feed much better - thank you,

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Goods were delivered speedily and were exactly as per description

Product : Lumbar roll was exactly what I needed for comfort when sitting at computer

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Fast and good service

Product : Prefer the other lumbar roll that is bigger and more supportive

5out of 5
16 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Speedy service.

Product : Fits the arch of my back perfectly. Wish it came in memory foam like the quad pillow. The Dura Fab cover stays reasonably cool in hot weather, and is absorbent and washable.

5out of 5
15 Mar 2014

5out of 5
14 Mar 2014
Service Rating : Ordering was easy and efficient

Product : Has helped lower back pain already!

4out of 5
14 Oct 2013
Service Rating : good

Product : This bolster is great in the memory foam, feels good and certainly takes the pressure off of my lower back.

5out of 5
27 Sep 2013
Good, fast post.

4out of 5
06 Aug 2013
Service Rating : No complaints

Product : No complaints

5out of 5
06 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Very Helpful

Product : Very Good

5out of 5
04 Aug 2013
Service Rating : Great service

Product : I love my pillow! Can't sleep without it
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